What is Meta Pixel (Facebook Pixel)?

Facebook Pixel is a code that you can place on your website. It enables Facebook to collect data that can be used to track conversions, remarket to people who have already visited your site, and build lookalike audiences. Essentially, it allows you to take advantage of the vast pool of data that Facebook has access to in order to improve your advertising campaigns. While Facebook Pixel may seem like a technical tool, it can be used to great effect by businesses of all sizes. By understanding how to use Facebook Pixel, you can unlock the potential of this powerful marketing tool.

If you’re running a business on Facebook, the Facebook Pixel is an essential tool. By installing a pixel on your website, you can track conversions, remarket to people who have visited your site, and build audiences for future ads. And it’s all free until you start creating ad campaigns. The Facebook Pixel is simple to install and use, and it’s constantly being improved by Facebook. If you’re not using a Facebook Pixel, you’re missing out on valuable data that could help you grow your business.

We install and configure Pixel on your website or e-shop.